Bagels, Goodbyes, a Boat Ride and a Big Slice of Pizza!

It’s been a hard week eating poor quality food from the local mini-market and listening to daughter telling me about all the scoff she and her visitor from Toronto were demolishing. I sampled a frozen yoghurt from here ( after it was rejected as being too healthy and I caught the scent of a burger at one point.

So as it was Friday I decided I would spend the day with daughter on the departure of her Mate-in-Manhattan who we saw onto the Greyhound Bus possibly ten pounds heavier than when she arrived. It had nothing to do with the fact that Mate-in-Manhattan had left several hours of her Citysightseeing ticket ( behind and I was going to get a free boat ride out of it. (For the record, daughter’s friend was a joy of a visitor and made an excellent daycare facility over the last three days).

Daughter and I stepped out at half eight and headed down 12th Avenue to find the pier where the boat was due to drop anchor from. On arrival I had the munchies and obtained a breakfast bagel and some tea from the small cafe. I drank the tea and tucked the bagel into my pocket to eat on board.

Steaming out into the Hudson I produced the cream cheese filled delight from my pocket and was surprised to learn it had most of the Philadelphia factory’s last shipping to New York wedged between the cartwheel-sized buns. I felt that the other passengers overreacted though:


But to be honest, once I’d eaten the cheese out of the middle I had to throw the rest away.


We saw some lovely sights on the way round but I won’t bore you with the details. It’s about the food.

I recovered from the bagel about five o’clock and as I had promised headed back to for a slice of pizza. I actually deliberated with this place which is closer


In fact I said something like ‘Holy Roasted Tomato Batman!’ when I saw it but the pizza display was disappointing.

It was a good decision. The Carve pizza slices were extraordinary!


But not as great as the desserts.


To be honest I haven’t got to the dessert yet. I am that bagged with pizza. The pizza tasted great when you consider it is reheated. I intend to eat the apple cake with some Maple Syrup kindly left by daughter’s carer from Canada who we dearly miss already.

Yes she was a joy to have and her boat ride was great fun too.


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