Breakfast in the Big Apple

New York’s street vendors are an interesting bunch, or ‘ a bunch of bloody chancers’ as we say in the mother tongue. Their prices are a tad more expensive than twice the cost of the equivalent product in a proper shop (and not the ‘I (heart) New York’ shops to be clear which are just as bad). This permits them to haggle with anyone who tries to walk away and you will almost certainly get the product for a only few dollars more than the actual value.

Ice cream and hotdog vendors have a interesting tactic of revealing the cost (including tax) only after you have been naive enough to take the product into your hand. Tax appears to vary between 10% to whatever number of dollars you are foolish enough to hand over. Of course you are really meant to tip as well…

But the street vendors I can handle, this is all part of the charm. I expect better from the restaurant chains.

Heading out with daughter number one for a trip to the today we decided a typical New York Breakfast would be the way to start the day. We wanted to go to but they had finished breakfast (at half ten?). The waiting staff here perform Broadway tunes while you wait and that makes more sense to me that sitting trying to make an origami swan out of the napkin to relieve the boredom of listening to my rumbling stomach. So two doors down was who also do breakfast with a really long silence while you wait. That’s unfair, they are a bit quirky, they provide tea with chopsticks to stir it presumably thinking it is a Chinese thing.


Remember this doorway, you may wish to avoid it.


I ordered a double croissant with eggs ‘over easy’ (soft) smothered in Monterey Jack Cheese (Kraft cheese slice). Daughter number one ordered a ‘New York Slam’ (scrambled eggs with sausages and pancakes). Both had ‘Apple Potatoes On the Side’ (fried tatties).

They looked good



Now I know I am beginning to sound like I am not enjoying the food that much but it wasn’t great. The tea was alright. One of my eggs was definitely ‘over hard’ and the Apple Potatoes were clearly made three days ago and fermented in a stew of sweet peppers overnight to achieve such an ‘fridge leftovers fry-up’ quality. I ate it, but I eat anything. I had to eat half of daughter number one’s who is more discerning.

If that doesn’t make you feel ill maybe this will


Think about the poor guy on the ground!

Anyway, it was $26. The waitress got her tip because it wasn’t her fault the chef treats tourists like idiots.

But the next time they want my business they can sing for it!


One thought on “Breakfast in the Big Apple

  1. You are in the wrong profession you should have been an author or a food critic. I will be interested to know your weight before you decide enough is enough (food wise that is). I am off to have a slice of stale bread and fermented jam. All the best to you and your number one daughter now get ready for number two daughters visit Cheers from Andy

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