Little dogs, no biscuits and Chinese food.

A number of women in New York walk around with dogs the size of hamsters so that they can hide them in their purses and occasionally tuck them into their armpit to look angrily at the tourists. Only the dogs make eye contact, the women reserve their glances for 5th Avenue shopping and men who can afford it.

Speaking of small dogs, the hotdog vendor encountered on 8th Avenue on this morning’s shopping trip to Kmart provided me with what looks fairly substantial but took all of two mouthfuls to demolish.


It was tasty and only $2.50 so I shouldn’t moan but didn’t someone say these were supposed to be sensational. Oh yes! The next vendor had sensational ones, for $6!

Never mind, dessert was much better even if it missed a biscuit base. Do these New Yorkers not know how we British like our traditional New York food?


This little shop had pizza slices I will be back for and the cake display was worth a pic…


Have a look at – we are liking this place…

I had to wait the whole afternoon for dinner and by popular demand I decided we would have Chinese as long as I could ask for a ‘take-out’ and not tip the waiter to see if he would run after me with a samurai sword. (yes yes – samurai’s are Japanese – I’m an uneducated bum – just wait, it gets worse!)

The Tang Pavilion looked hopeful and only four blocks away.

Daughter number one and I perused the menu of Shanghai & Soo Chow Cuisine considering the plethora of delights such as Jelly Fish, Soo Chow Duck and Shrimp with Snowpea-Leaf. Finally we spotted the savoury delight that would tickle our tastbuds…

Chicken Curry


boiled rice


Stir Fried noodles…

…but wait! Oh no! Where oh where were they?


Again I say it. When will they learn that a Chinese takeaway menu only needs four lines…

Chicken Curry

Boiled or fried rice

Stir Fried Noodles


All this lobster, black bean and eggplant nonsense surely ends up in the skips at the rear of the restaurant enough for them to realise.

Anyway it was a feast


…and that was just one chicken curry, one noodles and one rice between two. You are seeing my half. Daughter had the same and there is a lunch left over.

THERE’S CHIPS ON THAT PLATE!!      Yes, I hear you shouting.

We nipped in here…


That made everything right!

It tasted fine but nothing to write home about 😉

The main advantage of this restaurant is that it would deliver to my door and that makes it kind of tempting to use again. That being said I walk out the door and two blocks away I am on Broadway looking at a choice of food you would not believe. Why would I need it delivered?

Here was my fortune cookie…


I going to read that as ‘it’s definitely a day for Chinese but not Tang Pavilion, so don’t be tempted’.

I just hope the Indian restaurants have the good sense to have chips on the menu. Do they know nothing about ethnic gastronomy?!



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