The New York subway is similar to the London Underground in one way, it’s mostly underground. In all other ways it is different. For a start you cannot assume that taking the subway to a particular station will result in you emerging at that station, and you cannot rely upon the roof of the station holding out long enough for you to get on the train. I would suggest it is New York’s equivalent of the London Dungeon apart from the fact that we know the horrors of the London Dungeon can’t really harm you. Great fun though!

Taking a trip today with daughter number one to the 911 memorial resulted in us surfacing somewhere on the lower east side where the street entertainers were NYPD traffic officers telling the drivers to ‘getthafugoutaheya’ as encouragement to ignore the red lights temporarily suspended so that Lafayette could be given over to cyclists for a summer day of fun in Lower Manhattan. The cops didn’t look like they were having much fun.

Anyway, we went round in circles for some time when suddenly the smells and sounds of the Orient gave us a clue as to our location. Walking through Chinatown past the vast array of little restaurants we found our way to Little Italy where the smell of garlic and freshly roasted tomatoes finally got to us. We were hungry and it was as close to lunch time as required to justify it. Chinese or Italian? Oh the decisions! We settled for Mexican.


Two troughs of Nacho with Chicken were promptly ordered up and delivered by this stunning waitress…


…or maybe that was later.

Anyway the food was, of course, delivered in vast barges capable of taking us across the Hudson.


In fact we decided to use them to take a trip on the Staten Island Ferry to see that waitress again after she went home.


She didn’t take her tray home of course


But being burdened with enormous quantities of cheese, sour cream, guacamole and nachos we did sink the barges!


Never mind, we were rescued at delivered safely home and I changed my name to Al to avoid any embarrassment if this story ever got out…


Oh hang on. I just told everyone!

Lunch was ok! Twenty four dollars! For crisps! Would not go back here. In fact probably should have eaten Chinese or Italian in retrospect.


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