Tight at the Start

This will be short and probably not all that sweet. We are exhausted after just arriving at our first destination http://www.milenorthhotel.com/ . Getting to the 28th floor was just the last leg of a pretty challenging day. It’s 945pm Chicago time, 0345 am Nairn time.

Last night we planned the perfect preparation for an early flight by staying at the clean and comfortable Premier Inn, Glasgow Airport. Eating dinner there was a mistake though, ‘responsibly sourced cod’ on the menu was presumably so called as the most responsible person on the staff went to Iceland in town to get it. The fries had seen the fryer once too often too.

On arrival at the airport we were welcomed by Mrs Goat-Gruff who was most unhappy at us trip-trapping over her morning as she played American security guard and treated us to twenty questions about our luggage and smirked as she announced we had a five hour delay on the flight. How lovely! Five hours in Glasgow airport. Still we got ten pound worth of food each to help while away the time.

The rest of  the journey went well enough, good movies on the plane. A very tight connection for Chicago. A very tight squeeze in the middle of two giant Chicagoans commuting from New York as we got the last two seats on the last flight. And finally a tight-bottomed three quarters of an hour with the locals on the CTA train to Downtown Chicago. It’s probably just because I’m too tight to pay taxis or buses that I prefer to take the train – $5 beats $25 every time.


Off to sleep. Proper eating starts tomorrow.

Sleep tight.


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