Olde York, Olde York … so good we ate there twice

I have signed up to do the EMF Edinburgh Marathon in May 2015 which will satisfy the feeling in my gut that I should do one before I hit fifty. At least I assume it isn’t just wind I feel and I could avoid the pain to follow.

Nevertheless my running schedule started on 1st November with a week of 3 miles per day, some hills midweek and a five mile run this Sunday. Confusing matters I had a short holiday to take and, as you might suspect, that was only going to mean one thing…. foooood.

When my dearest wife and I booked this period of leave from work we had a loose idea that we might return to New York for the marathon. That fell apart when my car decided to suck up every last drop of my savings just to get through its MOT. Hey Ho! New York isn’t the only place that has York in its title and places to run, eat and … well … eat again. There’s York for example.

So we looked for a nice hotel applying a range of criteria. Well two criteria, it had to be in or near York and cheap. We fell on some luck when this hotel came cheap because of a refurbishment being ongoing http://www.premierinn.com/en/hotel/YORMIL/york-north-west?cmp=GLBC

It explains on the website how handy it is for the horse racing and the range of festivals that happen in the area. What nonsense! It’s greatest feature is the fact that it is next to an amazingly fantastic chip shop….



Oh and yeah, yeah, it’s quite close to York too.

It’s actually three miles from York along the River Ouse so called cause it smells of ‘ooze’ (warning – water treatment plant nearby). It’s a nice running route though, out of the hotel, along the road, down to the river bank and follow right into York city centre. Turn somewhere and come back for a nice 10k.

Then get some fish and chips!


Now trust me when I say this picture does not do this justice. This is the best fish and chips I have ever had and I eat a lot of fish and chips. The secret they say is that it is fried in beef dripping. If that doesn’t make your arteries shrink in abject terror you are a machine. You HAVE to run to eat this stuff, it is the privilege of runners.

In actual fact on our first night here we ate Indian which was very nice. It is also located on campus.



This was a little bit of the Sunday eat all you can buffet. It was good, just not great.

We supplemented the running with a lot of walking around York and did a bit of grazing on the way. We enjoyed a nice bagel at http://newgatecoffeebar.com (no website there yet) and drank Yorkshire tea… ay up! We also had some cheesecake from https://www.patisserie-valerie.co.uk/ in the city which looked amazing

photo 2(4)

sadly it tasted to me like it was made with too much gelatin and, as a result, I nearly threw a wobbly (drum roll, laughter, applause).

We visited the Railway Museum http://www.nrm.org.uk/ which was quite thrilling


Well that’s unfair – I love this museum but where’s the joke in that?

Here’s more of what we saw


And on our last night after running through the foggy and shadowy streets of Olde York we deliberated on how we would fill our hungry bellies before departing this great city.

There’s a nice looking Chinese restaurant beside the hotel too. There’s a business park about a quarter of a mile along the road and, of course, York is full of options, everything from burgers to haute cuisine.

photo 4

Well what would you do?


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