Driving Miss Daisy

In the past I have treated you all to tales from some of America’s longest highways and big cities, I have regaled you with tales of bears, big trees and iconic bridges. This year I have decided that my holiday road trip should be something quite different.   Something more ‘off the beaten track’ so to speak.

To make it as ‘different’ as possible I made a purchase late last year – a fixer-upper – that would hopefully take us around the UK in search of quirky camping, summer sunshine and (of course) great food.

So meet our Daisy.

She is a 1990 – 1.9L petrol – water-cooled Volkswagen T25 camper. She has rock-n-roll in her soul and flowers in her hair. The next classic I am told.  She cost me X pounds new, I have spend Y pounds getting her ready for the summer and she is now worth X – or maybe Z if I am lucky.

And she is reliable and will definitely not break down at any point on our journey.

Now being an old girl she had the odd rust spot (which is to be expected from the model). I have patched up some rot under the roof, a couple of holes underneath and fitted power steering and two seats from an Alfa Romeo 156 (the best bits of this model). I also replaced the stereo with a USB reading player and added a drop-down TV screen with movies plumbed on from a hard drive.

Oh and some tartan curtains!


The luxury interior of our mobile home for the next two weeks.

My logic in buying this classic camper is that my purchase price and eventual sale price should be about equal and my holidays this year should not be too excessive in cost. I think that makes good sense – time will tell.

In any case, Daisy has taken us a few trips already but has not yet been our overnight accommodation. She promises much including a comfortable bed, a gas stove, fridge, wash-basin and en-suite toilet facilities.  Well … the portaloo is in a wee cupboard which I guess makes it technically en suite.

My dearest wife is not what most people would term ‘an outdoor girl’ – so things could get interesting when it comes to morning ablutions. She is a spirited mare though, so she will either get stuck in or bludgeon me to death in my sleep and disappear off to a hotel room in the nearest city.

So here is the basic plan..

On Wednesday I prepare Daisy for her long journey by plugging in the hook-up cable and getting the fridge nice and cold for all the beer milk. This will also make sure the leisure battery is fully charged and we will hopefully make it all the way to our first stop with no lack of tea.

On Thursday we head for a booked campsite near York (over 350 miles). This should be the longest leg of our journey and there will be fish and chips eaten on arrival as a reward. On Friday morning we head to London where we stay for two nights near Twickenham. We will attend the U2 gig at the stadium before leaving next morning for …

.. we have no idea!

And that will be the general theme of our holiday. I know that I want to go to Devon and Cornwall and I know I need to be back for work on the 24th.

Fancy it?

I will blog as and when I can. Hopefully internet connections can be found to keep you up to date as we go.


Posh seats!


3 thoughts on “Driving Miss Daisy

  1. Now this looks very exciting Ali………….. well for us readers, maybe not so much for Margaret lol. I am looking forward to seeing all the food photos of the gas stove goodies you’ll be throwing together.

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