Ghosts of New York in Kinloss

No web page for the Abbey Inn in Kinloss but it would be a shame if you couldn’t find it.

Here’s the map,+Findhorn+Rd,+Kinloss,+Forres,+Moray+IV36+3TX/@57.6358232,-3.5710495,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x4885765455bf6c23:0x52334a1d6600bb35

Now you know my preoccupation with finding a great burger and since returning from the US I have struggled. I even tried remaking my own but British Beef just doesn’t seem to work for some reason. They use ‘chuck beef’ in the US, that’s from the neck I am told but I went to the butcher and asked for this and it still didn’t come out right.

Anyway I caught sight of a picture of a burger being served at this newly reopened pub where it seems ghosts enjoy a seat beside you when you are supping and dining.

I didn’t sense any ungodly presence apart from the sound of Neil Diamond on the jukebox (‘shivers uncontrollably’) but I did for a fleeting moment have a throwback moment where I thought I was in New York again

photo 2(2)It did look great and it was very good indeed. Don’t get carried away though because I will break it down for you so you are not caught out.

The Onion Rings on top – excellent fresh battered and fried.

Brioche Bun – soft and buttery. Made it an easy munch.

Burger – processed or bought in I suspect. A bit rubbery although still one of the better ones I’ve had. They should just shove a bit of mince on here.

Fillings – packed with goodies. I had pulled pork and they added much juiciness to it. Very good indeed. Wife had cajun chicken burger (fresh) and very very nice.

Chips in a wee bag – frozen I suspect. Good quality ones though and tasted great soaked in vinegar out of the wee poke.

Coleslaw – bought in I am guessing although it said homemade. It was ok. Perhaps bought in mayonnaise if genuinely fresh.

Presentation – it looks great doesn’t it.

It was very quiet when we went in and it doesn’t deserve to be on a Saturday lunchtime. We had a very pleasant drive into Findhorn afterwards and that was a nice way to walk off the feast…

… and to get ‘Sweet Caroline’ out of my head.


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