So who’s the winner?

This is my last week in the land of plenty and this will be the final post. At least in New York.

I am joined by brother number two who comes with culinary skills equal to some of the city’s finest big chow providers and so the contest begins.


There’s no need for the gratuitous posturing though!

In fact we have seen a few contests during his stay including two squirrels fighting over an acorn in the park, the Brooklyn Nets taking on the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks taking on the Chicago Bulls. The squirrel fight turned out to be the most entertaining.

In summarizing the visit and the food (its mostly about the food of course) there is little doubt that this city of varied smells, sounds and towering structures (cheesecake) has no equal in the world. We have already tried Scotland and found it wanting.

But I’m not so sure it has it all. Not absolutely.

The burger from McDonalds in New York is easily as rubbish here as it is back home.


And I am convinced we do snowmen better.


And are these creatures actually real dogs?


And lets remember that I easily produced the best burger in New York.

Now what can brother number two bring to the table.

How about Mac’n’Cheese


Tasked like heaven and even New York hasn’t produced anything of that quality yet!

And as for the lasagne…


You would have thought New York could have done better with its Italian population. But no…

It has left us cold



I cannot forget what New York has given me and my series of visitors. Cheesecake to die for, chilli dogs and sandwiches we can only dream of ever finding on one of our cafes. It has pushed its way into our thoughts and hearts like nothing else and for that reason, New York takes it by a furlong.

I fly next week home to the Bonnie land of my youth and am glad I am doing so.

But I will miss New York. Thank you for having me and Merry Xmas.



2 thoughts on “So who’s the winner?

  1. I will miss your blogs my favourite Son-in-Law the literacy has been brilliant the photos of various foods brilliant also the photos of the buildings, scenes and animals both real and dummies. I would say that the photo you have taken of brother number 2 and the photo of your nearest and dearest in front of the Brass Monkey sign is my favourite.
    Have a brill last week in NY NY and a safe journey home All the best from your favourite Father- in- law from BONNIE SCOTLAND

  2. Thank you Ali for the most entertaining blog. I loved the photos, the wit and the culture – yes, there was culture…… You have clearly had a great time (as have all your visitors) and thank you for sharing it with us. Enjoy your final week, safe journey home and have a great Christmas. Nicola xx

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