Taking the High Road

My poor dear wife is feeling despondent that she will be in Scotland afore me, and not because she will miss me or anything, more that she will miss New York (the new love of her life – second only to fallen leaves).

This is a big weekend for us – tomorrow we will ‘crown’ the visit with a view of the city from the head of Lady Liberty and on Sunday we will run the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

How do you get such a weekend off to a flying start?

From the air of course.

Well kind of from the air.

The High Line is a fairly new park (http://www.thehighline.org/) in the west of the city and follows a raised railway track (now disused thankfully) from 30th street to 14th. It hides between 10th and 11th Avenues so not an obvious place to be but is well worth locating.

It gives a really unique view of the city along a board walk about twenty or thirty feet high.


It is also very quiet at this time of year (hardly any beggars or vendors of garbage) and those you do encounter can simply be told to hop it.


But there is no doubt that, with the breeze coming off the Hudson and the chill of winter in the air, it feels a little cold.


Once we had made our way into the village from the end of the park we set about feeding our faces and ended up at the excellent and quaint http://www.cafecondesa.com/ which throws food at you for pennies of your money.


The light of my life had a substantial steak sandwich while I, being sophisticated, had the Torta de Milanesa (a chicken sandwich).

I am in no position to say how the steak sandwich tasted as it disappeared while I looked down to place my napkin but the Torta thingy was amazing. Great place this and so rustic and olde worlde the view outside even takes you back to a more pleasant time.


Only joking. This was in the police museum located temporarily on Wall Street while the real museum is refurbished after being washed out by Hurricane Sandy. Strange that the temporary museum is also a wash out as the picture above is somewhere close the highlight of the exhibits.

We returned via Union Square where we were due to pick up our running jerseys for Sunday and then travelled onward along 5th Avenue to enjoy some shopper-dodging. On return we were greeted with the excellent news that, finally, the flat has gas!

I cooked pasta and we followed it with a purchase from http://www.magnoliabakery.com/


Fully refuelled just like these guys. Ready for anything the weekend can throw at us!


Such amazing food – I think I see why the thought of heading home is so depressing. Scotland’s restaurants will need to raise their game.


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