Washing it Down In Washington

Yes, it has been quiet on the blog front and I do appreciate your patience as I attempt to eat enough good food to justify your time and attention.

Last week was the New York Snickers and my good lady wife and I (as failed ballot entrants) took to the streets the day before just so we could cross the line (http://www.nyrr.org/races-and-events/2013/nyrr-dash-to-the-finish-line-5k)



If you didn’t need explanation you are over thirty five!

It was a nice experience running through the streets of New York and, for our purposes, it did get the taste buds ready for something substantial. We delayed on eating though as we wanted to really get our juices flowing.

What better way than to do some mugler shoring?


If you are under twenty five you probably think this has something to do with Harry Potter, otherwise you will probably realise this sign can be viewed on a Circle Line Cruise with http://www.circleline42.com.

The Circle Line cruise promotes a trip around the island of Manhattan and costs a tasty thirty nine dollars (discounted in many outlets). We paid thirty one but didn’t realise this meant that we would get all the way to Bronx and be turned back because of a ‘broken bridge’. Alas, that is exactly what happened and I still await the response from customer service regarding the missing piece of my ‘circle’ trip.

I don’t hold out much hope given the last time I made my unhappiness known to Johnny UtakinTheP (see previous blog for explanation) was completely ignored.

Surely they realise that a circle is a circle. If I ordered an onion ring would they serve this?


They can’t blame my wife for munching a section out of the Hudson River while my back was turned! Or can they?

Anyway we returned via the East River to where we started and headed to old favourite Bens – http://www.bensdeli.net/ for this magnificent feast


This was around five hundred top notch slices of cow in gravy (and that’s kosher!). Great big chips too (or fries as they say – honest).

Now that pretty much destroyed my appetite for a week or so making it difficult to consume blog material. Hence the silence for so long.

But over the last couple of days we have made up for this during a day trip to Washington where time constraints meant we would only have a few hours to ‘do DC’. No time to consider buses or trains. We walked miles and miles and joyfully filled up to keep fuel levels high.

This was our first stop



I chose the half-a-bull’s-ass seared on a rack with cheesy potatoes


while my delicate flower of a spouse chose the less calorific option


I nearly lost a finger trying to pinch a bit of lettuce.

But she did walk much much further than me as she searched for a sugar daddy to replace me with (it is the city of the power brokers in America so where better?).

She thought she found one too!


But even she couldn’t bring any colour to his face.

I could tell she’d eaten far too much though.


That tree had no leaves left once she let go and it pinged back!

Our day in Washington took us all over the place. I think we took the odd wrong turn too.


But by the end of the day and as the sun set over the Capitol we got back to the station in good time for our return to NYC.


In fact we were early enough for our train to grab a snack. Yes we were hungry!

Off to the wonderful http://www.johnnyrockets.com/ in DC’s Union station. This is a traditional US diner that really puts a smile on your face


Only to wipe it off when the main course arrives!


Where will we put it all!?

No problem – washed it down with a large Pepsi


and joined the queue for the loo…


They were a bit stony faced but they let me jump to the front.


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