Little Boxes

My good lady wife has progressed from her first tentative steps around New York into a crazed shopping animal who has pretty much scoured the four quarters seeking the bargains of the century. I’ve certainly eaten a lot of biscuits as these appear to be purchased to sweeten the daily news of ‘necessary purchases’. A giant cookie for me – a new dress for her, a slice of cheesecake for me – a new top (and a slice of cheesecake) for her. Of course she had to get the top to go with the dress.

The problem is New York is one of the fashion capitals of the world and in this vast marketplace there is something for everyone. Even redheads have their own high fashion store


It is difficult to control a woman in a city of sparkly lights and ‘closing down’ sales.

Today I managed.



Good question (terrible joke).

The answer lies with the one thing women love more than clothes and sparkly lights.

Little boxes.


No not that kind of box!



and these…


The first was a takeout box from Mee Noodle Shop which is fifty metres from my apartment. Sister number two searched high and low for these little boxes and there they were all the time, just around the corner. The feast inside was brilliant.


No chips of course. But I have come to expect that – I really am becoming classy.

The second box came from and this was the tardis of boxes because we obtained one of the biggest cookies in the world from this shop in Greenwich today. One of them here pictured to scale against a large building


We sat and ate these in the park and watched three pigeons have heart attacks after nibbling on the crumbs.

My devious plan to divert her from clothes using little boxes was working very well and we hit mid-afternoon with no purchases whatsoever. As we passed Bloomingdales I had to think quick. Quick look at me!


A quick snap and I ducked into with the promise of a little box full of frozen yoghurt.


That put a smile on her face…


And after that close shave we were both exhausted and had to head for home. A whole day with no garments purchased whatsoever. I should go down in history as some kind of heroic male role model on that performance. I even managed to get her to have her picture taken with one of those painted naked women on the street


And to top it all I found Wally…


That’s him with Mrs. Wally showing him a new pair of shoes she just bought from the shop next door.

He needs some lessons from me I reckon.


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