Mr New York!

There has been an awful lot of eating in the last few days and not a lot of blogging. It’s all been down to brother-in-law-number-two who made it patently clear early in his visit – ‘I’m an eater not a blogger!’

So with all the grub-shovelling I have been a little neglectful.

It’s not just the food he has been consuming. He has eaten New York for breakfast – marching here, there and everywhere, up tall buildings, in and out of museums and still managing to sit through three Broadway show lotteries before winning a cheap ticket to Wicked on his last day. The man is New York daft!


Of course all the sugar he has consumed might account for some of the energy.


If you think that’s sickly sweet try this…


All together……awwwww!

Most of the week has been about reunions such as the one depicted above. Wife number one hit the New York side walks with her brother on Friday and on Saturday we all teamed up with cousin-in-law-number-one (I am losing count here) and her hubby for a feast at where the food is all kosher. I’ve never had false food, so I’m a bit unclear as to what that means.


Now this deli which is situated quite clearly on 38th Street just off 7th Avenue is not at all difficult to find.

Unless you are looking for it of course.

In such circumstances it wanders off at will and you can spend most of the day scouring the streets looking for it ignoring the fact that some people need to pay a visit to the littlest room while others lost the feelings in their legs somewhere near the Empire State building the previous day.

But we found it thanks to Mr New York himself.


The determination of the man was a sight to behold and the fact that he lost it in the first place was never mentioned.

The food was another sight to behold…


This was a small sample of the ‘kosher’ fare on offer at this very pleasant and comfortable restaurant.

I could only manage a massive sandwich having consumed the deep fried contents of these sacks only twenty four hours earlier at


Of course we also had three quarters of a cow as well slapped between two loafs of bread…


It’s just as well we have been walking so much.

After Mr New York departed last night some semblance of normality returned to my life. With wife number one back at my side life is much better (still had to do the ironing though…) and a there’s a good bit less stress on my stomach as we did a nice four miles run in the park and some gentle walking to the shops. One of my home made meals for dinner didn’t overwhelm us but we have plenty time.

I must be slipping.


But I tell you something. I am very glad that things might calm down now there are no more people to get overexcited about the food in this city…



2 thoughts on “Mr New York!

  1. Excellent Ali! I recognize Mr New York on every level. Also lovely culinary memories evoked by your photo from Ben’s Deli having been lucky enough to eat there with the aforementioned Mr NY on his inaugural visit to The Big Apple

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