Discovering New York

This weekend is marked by the arrival of brother-in-law number two who is a big New York fan and fellow food enthusiast. He is also available to take in some culture when pushed so yesterday my scheduled visit to the Met on fifth avenue was graced with his presence.

The Metropolitan Museum is a massive cache of treasure from countries all over the world and even some from America (in a little section at the back behind the cafe).

The collection is so huge it is hardly surprising people look goggle-eyed.


Youngsters tend to find it a bit boring though.


Half time snacks for this world exploration came from an old favourite (vendor outside) loaded with every topping possible.

Which of these is the greater work of art?



I think we all know the answer.

Okay lets move on from world discovery. Or not….

Columbus day in New York is not only a holiday but a day to celebrate discovery. A fitting tribute to the Spanish explorer who was sure the world was round and headed in one direction to get to the other.

What did I discover today?

Firstly that brother-in-law number two insisted upon buying my food (therefore I would be eating a lot). And secondly that heading South with a view to ending up North resulted in us coming across greater treasures than originally intended.

The Columbus Day Parade runs from 47th to 72nd (so I believe) and we did intend to come back to this after a walk down town to rediscover a book shop I came across a couple of days ago. Hunger struck early though and after some frustrating diversions seeking a nice little cafe we found in the Village. A light snack for the weary travellers seemed in order.


A croissant filled with eggs and cheese and ham for moi. While the health conscious brother-in-law insisted upon eating fruit.


With sizeable wedges of French toast and a bucket of maple syrup to supplement it.

Seeing the grub made some local children freak out in the strangest of ways….


And animals were so terrified at the sight of our ravenous eating and gnashing teeth as we demolished the feast they leapt from the ground in fear…


Now I am not sure if all the walking (and gnashing) makes one even hungrier or are we just a couple of pigs but it wasn’t half an hour before we felt the pangs again.

It was time for dessert.

Since the maple syrup and fruit could not be termed ‘sweet’ as it was served with ‘eggy bread’ and we all know that dessert goes down a different way we could justify locating some fine New York cheesecake.

And good lord did we find some fine New York cheese cake at


We had a pecan and caramel topped one and a key lime one. Apparently ‘Sex in the City’ was filmed at this shop which has a nice little park outside to sit in. Useful because you can’t sit inside for all the people queuing for ‘Sex in a Cardboard Box’!

With all the sugar coursing through our veins (and the parade finished long ago) we decided it would be a good idea to head to the park and play ball to work it off and we did spend a few minutes chucking a softball back and fore to work up an appetite for dinner.

An old favourite this time and I am not going to repeat how good this place is.

The evening ended with a seat in Times Square people watching before heading back.

We never got to the parade of course, but Columbus never made it to the Indies either and look what he found!

I am so glad he did.


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