Who’s been eating in my blog?

You know the story of the three bears…

Well there’s only one poor bear in this tale (me) and two Goldilocks (Sister number two and husband…)

Okay one Goldilocks. He can be a bear too….a big hairy, hungry one.

Back to the story…

One day a poor hungry bear went out to work (every day since they came in fact) and when he got home Goldilocks and the big, hairy hungry bear had done all the eating and the poor hungry bear had to do with the scraps from the fridge.

On the first day they went to Hot and Crusty on Broadway and West 88th. It has a website which is under construction (http://hotandcrusty.com/) much like their shop it seems


The feast obtained here was a Pecan Danish which it seems was very nice and reasonably priced.


The intrepid duo spent the day on the Upper West Side exploring the nooks and crannies, eating, relaxing, eating, watching the world go by, windows shopping and eating. The small nibble to this item is shown purely to fool you into thinking that they savoured it. The next bite demolished the rest.

In fact the big, hairy bear was hungry within moments and had to be told to pipe down


In any case they headed to http://www.amysbread.com/ for a snack from their delicious looking array of pastries


This was sufficient to keep him quiet for an hour or two.

Suddenly he cried, ‘COOKIES!’

And Goldilocks had no choice but to stop chatting up the truck drivers.


But she conceded that all in all he did look rather hungry


So that was it. They headed fresh next morning to Lower Manhattan to further explore the eating quarters engaging in activities not suitable for a blog of such conservative nature (the pictures to be shown only to a select few of like-minded reprobates).

Hunger struck before they got two blocks away and an excellent bagel with all you could ever want for breakfast was guzzled out of http://pickabagelbatterypark.com. This lot for less than $10!!


Okay, I will admit that they did walk something like fifteen odd miles that day and were out for almost thirteen hours doing the Lower Manhattan thing. But was this really a sensible dinner?


No that is not a picture of a tree harvest in a Canadian forest. It’s the chips you get with an enormous burger from http://www.fiveguys.com/.

Aw and the big, hairy bear could not cope with it all…


Naw!! Only joking!!


So when Papa Bear got home and saw this lot he could well have been forgiven for being annoyed. But really it just gives him a great wee list of options for further eating once they are gone. When they are tucking into piddly little fries from Mcdonalds back home, he’ll be having the logs from Five Guys! Ho Ho!

And they all lived heavily ever after.


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