Doggedly Searching for Bagels.

New Yorkers really do love their dogs!

And their dogs really do seem to love New York…


….which is hardly surprising when the city is basically designed for their pleasure. Take these doggie friendly features:

A public loo every ten yards…


Free nosh whenever your owner is not looking…


… and plenty beauty treatments…


Who’s that in the window?!

Dogs are so common on a Saturday New York excursion that you have to wonder where they all come from.


This turned out not to be a topless bar on closer inspection and the furry lump at the bottom of the picture is a litter of three Malti Poo pups (whatever they are).

In fact my walk this morning through Chelsea and Greenwich was ‘dogged’ by so many canine distractions to the point that I almost forgot that I had intended to locate the best bagel in New York.

Greenwich Village in New York is very different to the Midtown area where I have spent most of my time. The streets are no longer on a grid, so it is much easier to get lost, and with so many things aimed at the furrier variety of mammal it is difficult to locate anything really great to eat.


Yes this was hopeful but it wasn’t a bagel. I pushed onward.

In fact the deeper you get into the Village the more you realise why dogs are so popular. The people just act like balloons.


That’s the queue for one dollar pizza!

Even the buskers are different.


He had that piano in his backpack when I arrived 😉

Anyway the bagel was indeed located at where the queue was very long but not as bad as the queue for one dollar pizza. Once the item was secured for $10 including bottle of water and dollar tip, it was indeed excellent.


This was one half of the bagel which took almost half an hour to demolish while sitting on a little bench outside trying to avoid the stare of the locals.


‘Hey man, I’ve been tied here for three days with no food! Take me home will ya?’


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