Die Hard Yankees!

I have been having sleepless nights worrying about the state of the Yankees ever since that defeat on Sunday. Sure they have won since but I still feel that the shortstop was failing to exploit the pinch hitter and without a decent relief pitcher their chances of getting through the play-offs is looking grim 😀

Anyway it occurred to me that I may be an untapped wealth of talent given I have never tried baseball. You just never know!

To find out if I have ‘Babe Ruth’ blood running through my veins I scoured the city for a good, proper catcher’s mitt and a baseball for less than fifty dollars (my limit for verifying sporting talent). The professional shops failed to impress me with their three hundred dollar offerings (for a big glove?) and ten dollars for a ball is just daft.

I adjusted my expectations and found that softball was the way forward. A good way to check for talent without the same danger of broken bones and Kmart had the kit for the right price. Splendid!


But it turns out I’m not any good.

In fact Matthew is better!


….but he wouldn’t get a game either.

Anyway we both know that we are excellent at eating hot dogs and tracking down the best ones. We had it on good authority that the best ones are to be found at http://grayspapayanyc.com/ on 72nd and Broadway. Handy for us because after discovering with sweat, tears and just a little dirt under our nails that we would skip the trials for the next Yankees squad, this was but a few blocks walk away.

Matthew was concerned it might rain on the way though….


…and there were others who appeared concerned about the possibility of a downfall…


….but just as Columbus discovered this fair land, we discovered that rain was not going to happen today (tenuous link I know).

We set off and ‘discovered’ the hotdoggery of real New Yorkers.


Now I don’t know about you but as soon as I saw this place there were alarm bells going off in my head. Something about the Nakatomi Tower? Or was it that incident as Dulles Airport the year after?

Nope it was the Federal Reserve Bank raid! Remember?


…and when I got my food…


…with a drink for $4.50, I could only express both my disappointment about the whole Yankees trial and my joy at discovering the best hotdog in New York in one way.

Yippee Kay Ay, Mutha f***a!


2 thoughts on “Die Hard Yankees!

  1. Have you not booked a trip to the federal reserve yet, you get a wee bag of shredded money as a keepsake. Also your photo of the grays papaya is from the wrong street view. Where’s your attention to detail? You should fit in some movie scenes lol

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