Time Travelling Tacos

Okay, I lied. There were no tacos, I just needed another ‘T’ word for the alliteration to work. The time travelling part is the most important part of the title. Forget the tacos. Sorry.

So, time travelling- I am going to talk about a bagel I had today, a lunch I had two days ago and will end with my dinner yesterday. I could have just pretended that I ate them all on the same day, but that would be lying. And I respect you too much for that.

Breakfast- The Bagel, from 8th Avenue’s ‘Pick a Bagel’ (any Bagel… Was this your Bagel? Boom. Magic)


This may look like the holey messiah (see, because It has a hole in it and it’s Jewish) but this is actually ‘Bagel Part II: The Revenge’. The first one came without the bacon that I had ordered. Once the bagel, that I ordered, arrived it was rather tasty. It also had cheese on it. That I didn’t order. So, a cheesy surprise or a lactose-intolerant death trap? YOU DECIDE. All in all, if you don’t mind what you end up with and see your food order as more of general guideline rather than what you actually expect to end up eating, then this is the place for you! But it did taste nice.

Luncheon- Steak Flat Bread. With Some kind of Spicy Mayo.


The giant hands were a bit unexpected but the actual food wasn’t half bad. Bought from ‘Pax Wholesome Foods’ On 6th avenue, just round the corner from the New York Public Library. Pax also boasts a ‘make your own’ salad and pasta bar. Needless to say I only learned about these features after I’d left. My gazes were reserved for the sandwich counter, and all it’s glorious meat stuffs. The Flat Bread came with a tub of spicy mayonnaise that puts the humble British kebab shop’s array of sauces to shame.

The Finale- TACOS!! Sorry, I lied again. It was Burritos. Very different.

These were good. Although, even for someone whose life depends on not mistaking the extra mild chilli sauce for the dreaded mild chilli sauce in Tesco, this was not rather spicy at all. And not nearly as saucy (steady on there) as one might expect from Mexican cuisine. For those westerners who have avoided Mexican food, for fear of angering the Belly God then this may be for you. If I were to fit a personality to the spiciness lever of this food then I would attribute it to a small mousy governess, trainer for spinsterhood, such as you might find in any Agatha  Christie novel. Any of them, go on, check.

This blog was written by Matthew. Not Alastair. He still thinks we had tacos, please don’t tell him.


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