Crying into my Yankees!

Being a native New Yorker you have to decide at some point where your baseball affiliation lies, the Yankees or the Mets. The main criteria for making this decision is rather obvious. The Yankees have cooler looking hats.


So today suitably attired in NY cap together with daughter number two in a rather fetching Yankees t-shirt and Matthew in whatever he could find lying around, we set off for the Sunday match against Baltimore Orioles (not Oreos, Matthew!).

The stadium is way up in the Bronx but is easily reached if you are willing to take the ‘tunnel of terror’.

A short walk from the stop, looking down one’s noses at the cheap Yankee hat vendors outside like any genuine fan ought to, we came to the entrance where the genuine merchandise sellers were offering exactly the same stuff for five times the price. Reminder for next time to buy from the dodgy sellers. Only four dollars for a hat I was quoted!

Inside it was colossal


Well the food certainly was and the stadium was quite impressive too


By the way that tray of food was only after having the obligatory hotdog at the entrance and a swimming pool of diet coke. Prices weren’t great but that’s what you expect in a sports stadium. $5 for water?

If you got hungry or thirsty between meals there were plenty vendors shouting at you to eat and drink beer, candy floss, ‘crackerjacks’ and fill up with more water of course. There really was no excuse for getting bored.

And there was the baseball of course….

Sadly despite the Yankees being the greatest (in hat design), they lost 7-3 with two home runs to the Orioles wiping out a 3-0 lead after five innings. Now that sounds sufficiently like I know what I am talking about to now declare myself a real fan. And like any real fan I have to cry into my ‘yankee’ at the dreadful home defeat


Bah! I’m over it.  Now I’m hungry – I’m off to get dinner.



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