First NYC Burger

The intention was to head to Shake Shack for one of its famous burgers but the queue was so long you would have expected at the end to get on a roller coaster and slide down the side of the burger into a river of diet coke (has to be diet to cancel out the burger calories). Been averse to queuing for food ever since I spent those years on the street frequenting Salvation Army soup kitchens I made my way two doors down to where there were a few tables left.


I selected the Hell’s Kitchen Burger and daughter number one had a childish notion to assemble two starters into a Macaroni Cheese and Chips to remember days gone by when that was all she ate. I also had a Bronx Ale in order to ‘fit in’ like a real ‘New Yorker’ because clearly that is what they must drink in the Bronx for it to be called that.

This was the burger:


This was in another street but it was what I felt like I ate:


and here was daughter’s children’s meal




She obviously had the diet coke and therefore only felt like she ate one of these (also pictured outside waiting for the criminal who robbed me of fifty dollars. She was blond, about 5′ 6″ and had a waitress apron on).


That’s a bit unfair – it was very tasty and filling and I would go again (with a voucher). Shake Shack will come another day and this will make a good comparison burger.


New York…’Go on …. do a blog!’

Write a blog so we can follow you!

What would I write about?

Just stuff.


Typical shouting about the need to provide detailed information about a person going to New York.

Like what?

The food, it’s supposed to be amazing!

Anything else?

Well, you know….


Just the food then…


This is apparently to be anticipated in New York!