Hot on the Trail of Cold Food

85 degrees and 67% humidity today.

So hot fried food and other spicy delectables were off the menu. At least for lunch.

Instead we set out on an intended trip to the Downtown area in search of cold fare and riverside amusement which never got below 34th Street. The food was well below zero though!

Image is a great concept and is barely two blocks from our base in 54th Street. You go in and pick up a cardboard barrel and fill it up with fresh frozen yoghurt in a wide variety of flavours. There’s chocolate, cheesecake, toffee, coconut, nutella, birthday cake, peanut butter, sausage, egg and chips! (Guess where I started exaggerating).

After filling the barrel you start topping it with chunks of other sweet delights such as walnuts, chocolate brownie, chewy sweets and so on and so on…

You then pop in on the scale and hopefully you will have change out of ten dollars


You are then placed into the Tutti Frutti transporter where you are de-materialized and dispatched to heaven. The rest of the afternoon can be spent eating it and fighting brain freeze. You even get to choose the colour of your spoon!


But that’s not all the cold food treats we encountered today before getting nowhere near our intended location (food is a wonderful diversion).

After spending some time in the Tutti Frutti world we are sent back to this magical place which turned out to be inside Grand Central Station




Although the meatloaf mountain was a little over the top


It was too hot in New York today to do what we wanted to do. In the end we just admired the views and tried to look coolImage

Some of us even succeeded.



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