A Taste of Broadway

I declare myself King of Broadway whose daughter number two shall be known as Princess Madison, her astonishing beauty is only shadowed by her astonishing appetite, and daughter number two’s chaperone (who hacked this blog once already this week) can be known as her Fatman…er…I mean her Footman.


Well a trip to http://www.ellensstardustdiner.com/ explains it all.

I had no expectations other than the fact that someone who thinks they should be on Broadway would be screeching in my ear while I struggled to look enthralled by the quaint concept of waiters performing in between taking my order and serving my food. Oh I was wrong though.

This place is just terrific.

Here’s the food:


Yes that is three burgers on that plate. They were listed on the bill of fare as ‘Matthew’s Sliders’ and I got them for the name only. I could not finish them and that was with Princess Madison taking all the fries off my plate to assist. The food was good enough but the waiters really were fantastic performers. This pair gave us a Grease medley in celebration of the amount of fat now clogging up my arteries


and this chap gave one of the best performances of ‘Bring him Home’ I have heard.


So how does this make ME the King of Broadway?

Well who else would have someone with this talent follow such a deeply moving performance by having them clear the plates from my table? And paying eighty dollars for three great meals plus entertainment of this standard is hardly compensation. In fact this is probably the cheapest Broadway show you can get … with food … and drinks … and no major queuing.

Of course Princess Madison had dessert


…which her Fatman helped with.



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