Mickey and Milkshakes, brought to you by Matthew

Good evening dear, dear readers. Loyal followers of the Rev. Alastair Garrow MD, PhD, Esq. I regret to inform you that this evening’s broadcast will be brought to you by a guest writer. Myself. 

My food pilgrimage to the Americas began with a self-deprecating pasta dish- courtesy of British Airways-   Image 

Upon arriving in the land of opportunity, food became more and more self assured, as we were bombarded with numerous claimants to the ‘World’s Best’ of everything. 

On our travels we picked up a new friend, a bargain at $19. We may have freed him from captivity, but I am unsure as to where his loyalties lie. Image


Just to clarify, the friend that I bought is the monochrome gentleman in the hat. The girl was considerably more expensive. The girl in the picture is known to our regular writer as ‘daughter number two’. She is not know as this to me, however, for a number of reasons, the chief of which being that I do not have a first daughter.  

So, daughter number two (henceforth to be referred to as the accused… I mean Holly) and I (with the constant companionship of Steamboat Willy), stopped in a small pizzeria below Midtown Comics. In Midtown. The exterior of the shop hosted a sign proclaiming a single word- ‘Pizza’.  It was a small establishment with a ‘2 slice + soda for $5’ deal working in its favour. The pizza slices were excellent and pretty big, the full pizzas being around 18-20″. Holly  and I were very impressed and our wallets were not grieving the loss too badly. 

After a day dashing about (and definitely not singing, much) in the rain we decided that the time for dinner had come. We were told that the sacred ‘Shake Shack’ would probably be too busy and so we sought refuge with its lesser known cousin- ‘Steak n’ Shake’. 

This was the result- Image 

Despite Holly’s vegetarian burger being forced to mingle with our meaty one in captivity, the burgers themselves were rather tasty. I decided upon a BBQ and bacon chap, who did not let me down in the slightest. The sauce was smoky and the burger was neither too greasy, nor too pink. All in all, it was a good meal and I have it on good authority that their milkshakes pack a punch. Image

‘Shake Shack’ has much to live up to and as far as I am concerned ‘Steak and Shake’ can hold its head up high at the next family reunion of fast food restaurants that have Shake in their name. Its not a big family.  

I am glad that my first day in the promised land of the Mormons was such a food filled success. Lets hope that by name dropping the Mormons a few times I’ll get some free tickets to see their musical. 


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