Bangkok and Manhattan Cocktail – very Cosmopolitan!

Walking and sitting in Central Park doing not very much is not a waste of time in New York. You can listen to couples arguing, see young children stick their tongues out at you or blow bubbles in your face, fuss over a variety of dogs and watch baseball being kind of played. When you are with your daughter no time is wasted.

Lucky for that I am so easy going with my time given the wait for dinner.

We wrestled with the idea of burgers, more Chinese and even cast an eye over a Mexican before settling on this Thai restaurant on 56th Street. It was a good choice!


This restaurant doesn’t leap out at you but the number of Oriental customers gave us a hint as to the quality. We ordered a Beef Satay and Thai Yellow Curry with rice along with a diet coke and an Amstel light beer. The frozen glass and bottle was another nice touch. Water was delivered whenever the glasses got low so no drinks were necessary.

…and then we waited….

….and waited…..

….and waited….

and waited.

When we ran out of conversation daughter number one pointed out that several customers had come and gone since we placed our order. On making enquiry with the very polite and welcoming staff we learned that the chef had ‘gone for a break’ and had forgotten to put out food on. Just before we had made out minds up to head for the quick and easy diner on the corner the waiter offered two free cocktails as appeasement. At ten dollars a pop daughter number one swooped in like a hawk.

That would be acceptable.

Daughter number one chose a ‘Cosmopolitan’ and I (obviously) chose a ‘Manhattan’ which I managed to get a sip of…


The food was not long after that and I have to say it was excellent.



We needed extra rice to scoop up the sauce from the curry which was exceptionally tasty and very spicy.

Our bill came to $43 dollars and the tip was added to the cost. Fine. Without the free cocktail I would have been unhappy. The food was terrific and every chef needs a break now and then. Daughter number one’s opinion is that he should have a break whenever he wants as long as the free cocktails flow in his absence.


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