Pizza Night!

It’s not that I am not going to eat out every night but the cooker in the flat is broken at the moment and I am obliged to get a hot meal inside me just like my Granny always said. With that in mind daughter and I set off for a walk round Central Park to build up a calorie deficit to be hopefully filled by a pizza from in 57th Street. Not sure the walk achieved the aim.

Very pleasant welcome at this wee restaurant and surprisingly quiet at about quarter to six. We got a lovely seat upstairs overlooking 57th Street


After some deliberation and some helpful advice from our waitress we went for a 17″ pizza with extra cheese and roasted peppers. Sounds a bit vegetarian? I also selected a classy sparkling water from the springs of Tuscany shipped directly to New York for my enjoyment. Daughter had a 7up from the bar.


A lot of glasses there? Water was delivered regularly to the table to make sure we were able to polish off the feast. We didn’t really need to pay for a drink.

Then came the pizza……


That’s right, it was the size of a baseball field. Here are some people seen playing on it when zoomed in…


It was simply the best pizza I have tasted and that includes a slice of the Italian bread in Florence some years back. I would have liked to have added a couple more toppings but had to compromise with the sharing problem inherent in enormous pizza consumption. We could have gone for two 13″ pizzas but that would have destroyed me. As it is this is the Fire Department arriving to cut me out of my chair….


After polishing off the last slice we fearfully awaited the bill and were delighted to learn that we had only totted up $32 worth of Italian gastronomic delight. That’s about 20 quid in old money.

Easily better than fifty dollars for a burger. Will remember this place.


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